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909 Replacement Glue Board, Box of 12 Boards

Each board (16.75" x 9") it divides to give you (2)16.3"x 4.5" (12 boards to a box) Will fit: Genus Spectra Ultralite 30 Watt Gardner GT 200 Mantis Upright Mantis 1x2 Mantis 2x2 B&G Matrix All Vector traps : Universal glue board designed for use with three PT brand Vector fly traps: PT brand Vector Classic, PT brand Vector Nova, PT brand Vector Super Nova Fits back and bottom board areas of large insect light traps Designed to split in two for smaller insect light traps Lowers inventory cost because it eliminates the need to carry several types of replacement glueboards Gridlines for convenient counting of captured insects PACKED: 12 boards per box, TRAP SIZE: 16.75" x 9.0" (42.545 cm x 22.86 cm)