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FlyWeb Fly Lights

Case of 10 Packages of 10 FlyWeb Universal Insect Monitor Cards CS-FW-74

Gardner’s Insect Monitor Cards are designed to capture all types of insects that harbor in and around plants. Fungus gnats, white flies, aphids, thrips, and leafminers are just a few of the species attracted to our traps. Case of 10 packages of 10 Insect Monitor Cards. In order to maximize catch rates of the different species of insects we utilize two insect attracting colors on each trap; Brilliant Blue for control of leaf miners and Yellow for aphids and white flies.

We have perforated the traps in increase the use options:

• Use as a 4” x 8” trap.
• Fold into triangle-shaped delta.
• Tear apart at perforations for use in smaller areas or close to base of plants.

How to use:

• Fold or tear trap into the desired format.
• Peel protective cover from one or both sides of the trap.
• Place or hang trap close to plants. When used in large areas, traps should be placed 10 - 15 feet apart.
• Monitor traps on a regular bases - replace as needed