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Gardner WS-95S Restaurant Wall Sconce White Wall Mount UV Fly Light Trap W/ FEP Safety Coated Lamp

Our best selling restaurant ultra violet fly light trap with FEP Safety Coated Lamp.   The stylish design combines an UV flying insect light and an adhesive board.  Flying insects are attracted to the ultra violet light and captured on a replaceable adhesive board inside the sconce. The WS-95 is perfect for discreet silent control of flying insects in an elegant wall sconce. FDA & USDA accepted under current codes.  Position 5 - 6 feet above the floor.

For use in:

Restaurants Hospitals Deli’s/Bakeries Pharmaceutical Suppliers and Manufacturers Clean Rooms Supermarkets Hallways Dining Rooms Food Kennels/Stables Entry Foyers Warehouses Manufacturing Office Buildings Poultry Facilities Packaging Facilities Stadiums and Bottling/Packaging Plants

The WS-95 features: 


• 24-hour, non-chemical trapping
• Energy-efficient U.V. Insect Lamps
• Attraction Range: 1,800 sq. ft. (50 lineal ft.)
• UV Light output: 2 - 25 watt bulbs • Glue board: 1 - 5” x 17”
• FDA & USDA accepted under current code
• UL approved/listed
• 19”W x 11.5”H x 5.5”D • Warranty: 5 year

Replacement Glue Boards El-57 White or 10 pack El-60 White or EL-60B Black
Replacement Lamps - 18" 25W UV Insect Lamp - EL-082 or EL-082S FEP Safety Coated Lamp

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